The B Spot: Cat Tracks

The B Spot is the sweet spot of music and outdoor adventures Musicians always talk about wanting to set a good vibe before they play and record music.  Couture vacation company Eleven Experience has taken “good vibes” to a whole new level, somewhere around 11,000 feet with a fresh two feet of snow level. In… Continue reading The B Spot: Cat Tracks

Q&A: Caitlin Jemma

Photo Credit: Giant Eye Virginia City, Nevada has always been a place of hardtack women. Found in the desert mountains just to the east of Reno it was the site of the first large deposit of silver ore the Comstock Lode and became one of the biggest silver boom towns of the era, a swelling… Continue reading Q&A: Caitlin Jemma

Q&A: Will Johnson

I don’t know if I’ve ever listened to Will Johnson in the bright of the day. His music seems to live in the softer light of the dawn and dusk, where things aren’t so clear and the quiet helps you tune into the parts of your soul you ignore in the daylight. From fronting the… Continue reading Q&A: Will Johnson

Set, Setting, Tuneage: Maya Elise & The Good Dream: Songs for the Breakdown

Set, Setting, Tuneage seeks to share the experience of listening to music in our lives rather than the thinking of music in our minds. There’s a heaviness in the air. Some of it’s the smoke from far off fires that’s depressed any hope in the sky, turning it into an opaque ash. There’s also the… Continue reading Set, Setting, Tuneage: Maya Elise & The Good Dream: Songs for the Breakdown


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