Highlining the Record Books in Yosemite: Steve Griggs

I knew Steve Griggs was ripe for adventure when I met him onsite at Lightning in a Bottle 2018. It was my first time working a music festival of that size and it was our job to herd 10,000 cats (people) into their camping spots for the weekend. Mini-bikes are the cavalry and scouts in… Continue reading Highlining the Record Books in Yosemite: Steve Griggs

Q&A: Spencer Rugland of Singletrack Trails

The newest, grandest and gnarliest mountain bike trail in Colorado is the Palisade Plunge. It ribbons along the Grand Mesa and cuts into the Grand Valley near Palisade, CO like barbed wire, taking mountain bike thrill seekers on a 33.8-mile semi-perilous journey through the desert in some of the most remote and exposed terrain one… Continue reading Q&A: Spencer Rugland of Singletrack Trails

Cardinal Directions: Dudley Edmondson

Cardinal Directions discusses foundational principles, processes and philosophies that guide people in music and outdoor careers in the way they engage with their craft.  I think it is safe to say that at this point in the modern world of the internet, video messaging and phones that are essentially pocket-sized oracles, the oft decried attention… Continue reading Cardinal Directions: Dudley Edmondson

Q & A: Damion Estrada

Climber Damion Estrada heard the mountains calling all the way down in the limestone flats of Texas. An architecture major, he knew he’d never follow down such a path after he spent most of his time in class daydreaming about mountains out west or climbing at the climbing gym that his college had built, which… Continue reading Q & A: Damion Estrada

Set, Setting, Tuneage: Greentea Peng: MAN MADE

Set, Setting, Tuneage seeks to share the experience of listening to music in our lives rather than the thinking of music in our minds. (T + 0:00) Greentea Peng: MAN MADEAudial61:00 I wasn’t going to get outside Sunday. It was 97 degrees and rising, that natural Rocky Mountain smog had settled nicely and smoke from… Continue reading Set, Setting, Tuneage: Greentea Peng: MAN MADE

Pass The Mic: Uinta Basin Oil Drilling

Pass The Mic is a series where I give activists, experts and enthusiasts the opportunity to speak on important issues within outdoor and music cultures. Cody Perry is a filmmaker and conservationist who has spent an untold number of hours living, breathing, rafting and documenting the waterways and ecosystems that are tied to the rivers… Continue reading Pass The Mic: Uinta Basin Oil Drilling