Boogixote Q&A: Willy Tea Taylor

Just to be near Willy Tea Taylor is to love him. He speaks with the warm embrace of a bed of coals in a fire. He resembles the warrior elf Gimli from Lord of the Rings, and laughs with the same rambunctious brawn. His songs are as intimate as a late night conversation with your… Continue reading Boogixote Q&A: Willy Tea Taylor

Q&A: Molly Armanino

If there were someone I’d want to huck it off a powdery cliff with, it’d be Molly Armanino.  For one, she has a knack for finding big features in out of the way spots. She rides with her brother and filmmaker Sam Armanino with a big crew of hucksters in Squid and Friends – which… Continue reading Q&A: Molly Armanino

Q&A: Caitlin Jemma

Virginia City, Nevada has always been a place of hardtack women. Found in the desert mountains just to the east of Reno it was the site of the first large deposit of silver ore the Comstock Lode and became one of the biggest silver boom towns of the era, a swelling zeitgeist of danger, excitement… Continue reading Q&A: Caitlin Jemma

Q&A: Spencer Rugland of Singletrack Trails

The newest, grandest and gnarliest mountain bike trail in Colorado is the Palisade Plunge. It ribbons along the Grand Mesa and cuts into the Grand Valley near Palisade, CO like barbed wire, taking mountain bike thrill seekers on a 33.8-mile semi-perilous journey through the desert in some of the most remote and exposed terrain one… Continue reading Q&A: Spencer Rugland of Singletrack Trails

Q&A: Damion Estrada

Climber Damion Estrada heard the mountains calling all the way down in the limestone flats of Texas. An architecture major, he knew he’d never follow down such a path after he spent most of his time in class daydreaming about mountains out west or climbing at the climbing gym that his college had built, which… Continue reading Q&A: Damion Estrada