Highlining the Record Books in Yosemite: Steve Griggs

I knew Steve Griggs was ripe for adventure when I met him onsite at Lightning in a Bottle 2018. It was my first time working a music festival of that size and it was our job to herd 10,000 cats (people) into their camping spots for the weekend. Mini-bikes are the cavalry and scouts in… Continue reading Highlining the Record Books in Yosemite: Steve Griggs

Q&A: Spencer Rugland of Singletrack Trails

The newest, grandest and gnarliest mountain bike trail in Colorado is the Palisade Plunge. It ribbons along the Grand Mesa and cuts into the Grand Valley near Palisade, CO like barbed wire, taking mountain bike thrill seekers on a 33.8-mile semi-perilous journey through the desert in some of the most remote and exposed terrain one… Continue reading Q&A: Spencer Rugland of Singletrack Trails

Q & A: Damion Estrada

Climber Damion Estrada heard the mountains calling all the way down in the limestone flats of Texas. An architecture major, he knew he’d never follow down such a path after he spent most of his time in class daydreaming about mountains out west or climbing at the climbing gym that his college had built, which… Continue reading Q & A: Damion Estrada

Q & A: King Dream

A black hole is a region of spacetime whose weight is so massive and dense that particles of matter cannot escape its gravitational pull, not even light particles. It grows in density as it absorbs passing particles, planets and celestial systems, all of it condensing into a single point known as singularity. Quantum mechanics and… Continue reading Q & A: King Dream

Jade Brodie: High Desert Songstress

Northern Nevada is not known for producing country songwriters.  The desolate high desert region is more known as a rendezvous with solitude for hunters, ranchers, wanderers and people who don’t want to be bothered by society. Mountains bound up from the dust in cragged ridgebacks, the only thing scraping the sky besides vultures. Ranching fences… Continue reading Jade Brodie: High Desert Songstress