Q&A: Spencer Rugland of Singletrack Trails

The newest, grandest and gnarliest mountain bike trail in Colorado is the Palisade Plunge. It ribbons along the Grand Mesa and cuts into the Grand Valley near Palisade, CO like barbed wire, taking mountain bike thrill seekers on a 33.8-mile semi-perilous journey through the desert in some of the most remote and exposed terrain one… Continue reading Q&A: Spencer Rugland of Singletrack Trails

The B Spot: DJ Rambo

The B Spot is the ultimate pleasure point where outdoor adventure meets music. Hopefully in identifying these pleasure points in myself and others, we'll be able to help you to find your B Spot. Ryan Rambo has a killer headache and he just wants to throw up. The altitude sickness is kicking in two hours… Continue reading The B Spot: DJ Rambo

Boogixote Scout Log #1

Winter Park, CO. 3.7.21 5:30 A.M. came quickly. I wasn’t ready.  I woke up in a stupor. The previous day had started with the grind of my sixth straight day of work, the night had ended in a release of beer, water colors and drunkenly being in love. What would this day bring? Oh yeah,… Continue reading Boogixote Scout Log #1

Rig to Flip: A Conversation with Cody Perry

rig to flip whitewater rafting cody perry

Cody Perry is pulling off a shooting site in his truck when he calls me on the phone. The sunset is bleeding behind him. It was a last minute change to film today, but they got the shot they were looking for. Plans are fluid and you’re already in the water, the only way to… Continue reading Rig to Flip: A Conversation with Cody Perry


dlzmksbts hiphop headband

DLZMKSBTS' shit is comfy. It's the first thing I think as the Denver beat maker and ushers me onto his couch, offering up a small menu of weed to enjoy and commiserate over. The couch is plush and inviting, presiding over a serene apartment lush with greens, browns and blues. Seinfeld plays on low, his… Continue reading DLZMKSBTS Is Layered AF