Betamax: NC Climber’s Fest 2023

I've never been much of a climber, but I like to hang with a bunch. There was a big ol' hang at Pilot Mountain May 6th and 7th, for the Carolina Climbers Coalition's NC Climber's Fest. Early birds got cinnamon rolls whose sourdough starter goes back 100 years, but everyone got a bluebird day to… Continue reading Betamax: NC Climber’s Fest 2023

Stewarding with the Carolina Climbers Coalition

“Still on.” That’s the two word answer I got over email from Will Rodgers, Pilot Mountain State Park Crag Steward, at 6:45 in the morning on April Fool's Day. I had emailed him asking if we were still meeting up at the park with thunderstorms in the forecast. I was somewhat hoping it’d be canceled.… Continue reading Stewarding with the Carolina Climbers Coalition

Q&A: Damion Estrada

Climber Damion Estrada heard the mountains calling all the way down in the limestone flats of Texas. An architecture major, he knew he’d never follow down such a path after he spent most of his time in class daydreaming about mountains out west or climbing at the climbing gym that his college had built, which… Continue reading Q&A: Damion Estrada